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scrapbook secrets for sale

After close to 15 years as the pilot of Scrapbook Secrets, I find my personal life 
demands a change from driver position to crew or passenger.  Hence, we are looking
for someone or a group of someones to take over this enterprise. 

To take this much loved paper crafting store to the next level; to make it soar!  Cat x


Inspirational paper crafting business in an excellent retail location with industry pedigree

requires a new owner or group of owners to take this impressive business into the future!

about the business:

         turnkey operation with a solid foundation in the West Australian market

         over 14 years solid trading history

         large customer databases; in-store, newsletter and Facebook

         all stock and most fittings included

         fully trained staff are willing to stay if required

         full computerised inventory, stock management and accounts

         operating manuals for trade included

         supplier information provided

         relocatable operation if desired

         informative website with opportunity for redevelopment including shopping cart

         comprehensive Facebook page with great following

         customised vehicle with signage (chicken van) available for purchase

         training and support offered to assist with transition

         mentoring available

about the NEW premises:

         reverse cycle air-conditioning (paper specific)

         daylight spectrum lighting fitted to entire shop

         CCTV recorded security and alarm system with 24hr monitoring

         well placed with strong external visibility

about the opportunities:

         massive scope to service the invitational/wedding market

         growth through additional class opportunities

         growth through additional trading hours

         prime market opportunity for online store to be developed

         limited local competition which makes this business a great investment opportunity

For all genuine business sale queries, please contact Cherie (Cat) Carkeek

via email:


WOW this year has flow past so quickly, it's Christmas time again!

Thank you to all our wonderful customers who have kept our store dream alive.
We are extremely happy to still be able to service old and new customers alike

with crafting supplies and event stationery. We all look forward to a busy year ahead,
a revival of crafting and more fun to be had!


Wishing you a Merry Christmas, may you have a wonderful time with your family

and/or loved ones

Friendship and Hugs from Cat, Amanda, Kymmie, Debbie xxxx


exploding christmas box

What a great surprise box from one of our lovely customers, Julie C.

Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas Cheer with us! Cat x

Happy 11! trading years...

with more to come!

{how the time flies when you’re having so much fun!!}

funny staff














We've loved seeing lots of you in-store in with your projects or photos to scrap!

Thank you for making that decision to shop with us and not online! 
Thank you for coming in to see us and brightening up our day! 
Thank you for shopping  and keeping sales LOCAL
Thank you for your smiling faces, your jokes and stories! 
Thank you especially, to those lovely ladies that we see each day and week! 
Thank you to our country customers, mail-order buyers and email shoppers!
Thank you to those that attend our classes; feedback is great! 
Thank you to our regular crop night scrappers! 
Thank you to our original Tuesday/Wednesday ladies, especially you three! 
And thank you friends, old and new; what a ride! 

It's still awesome and we look forward to bringing you more fun stuff to buy, 
more great classes to take and more super special events. 
Cat x

From all of our top chicks here, t
hank you; we APPRECIATE you!

Staff image

Weekday crew: Debbie, Kym, Cherie, Amanda and Geraldine xxxxx

Weekend/teaching gals: Kat & Jen  xx

shop 1

Our MISSION Statement: to Maintain Excellence in Service, Knowledge and Product Supply. 

shop2 shop3 

Scrapbook Secrets is a local, family owned business which has become known for its friendly & knowledgeable
staff, for having just the right shade of cardstock and always having the latest products in stock. The shop first
became operational in August 2003 after months of careful planning and pick the right location
and source an exciting array of new and different products from around the world.  14 years on; we still love doing
what we do!

We are committed to providing you with the BEST possible service, whether you are an experienced paper-crafter
or just starting out!  Over the past FOURTEEN years, we have delighted in forging many great relationships with our

staff 2009 opening

In January 2007, we moved into our current home, three times larger than the old store.  Our Superstore upgraded to
wonderful 'daylight' lighting (essential for accurate colour matching), spacious aisles and plenty of room for
wheelchairs and large prams. We also have a secure kiddies play area at the front of the store.  If you wish to donate
any spare toys - they must be in good condition for safety reasons - the kids will certainly be grateful! 
You are always welcome to come and scrap in air-conditioned comfort during the day in our huge workroom
(the Henhouse), so drop on by if you are ever in the area.

Our girls are on hand to help you with your scrapbooking projects, especially when you are starting out. 
So don't be put off if they are up to their armpits in putting out stock... just ask and they will gladly help you gain
the confidence to choose your own papers and come up with page designs.  We recommend that you attend
our wonderful classes to learn scrapbooking techniques and have the chance to try different tools in a friendly
and informative teaching environment.

We also have monthly scrapbooking nights which run from 6pm to midnight, generally on the last Saturday in the
month. Our diecut machines are also available for your use for free; you just need to provide your own cutting mat.
This is a great way to meet new friends with the same interests as you and have some quality 'me' time!  
So don't sit at home watching the television all night, come on out and do something for yourself!





What customers have said about us…

To Cherie and all the lovely 'elves' Thank you for having a wonderful store where I am always welcomed -
for the classes where I have learned so much, especially with Geraldine who helped me to have fun
'puddling'! - Ethel R, 2014

Thank you for your very prompt service and the courtesty call about my parcel packaging.  I was most
impressed with Kym and the service. - Biruta M.L, 2014

Cherie, I just want to say thanks for everything you and the girls do to bring a smile to my face when I'm
feeling stressed or low.  Love the inspiration you give. - Dianne G, 2013

I want to sincerely thank you and your team for my wedding invitations you made.  They are absolutely
exquisite and I had two comments today from two separate people, both of them said " they have got
to be the best invitations I have ever seen!".  It put a smile on my face and I hope also on yours.  Your
hard work, dedication and carefulness of my invitations clearly shows through and I just cannot
thank you enough.  The money was well worth it, I could never have done anything nearly as good.
- Debbie J, 2013

To all the beautiful staff at Scrapbook Secrets and special thanks to Amanda for everything she is
doing for me - Mandy A, 2012

There is always a welcoming, friendly atmosphere where staff take the time to show you where things
are & help with difficult decisions, and their range is staggering. - Jean R, 2012

I don’t waste my time by going elsewhere, these guys have everything I need and want! - Julia P, 2012

Thank you for you help yesterday, Amanda and Kylie. Your girls rock!! - Lou M, 2011

I have been scrapbooking for eight years & have visited many scrapbook shops but Scrapbook Secrets
is the one I refer to as THE scrapbook shop & the shop I will go to before any other.  Their range of
patterned papers & cardstock is second to none and their range of embellishments is amazing &
always in tune with new trends without forgetting past inspirations. Friendly & welcoming staff make
every visit a happy experience! - Karen H, 2011

Cherie, Wow, you help is amazing, thank you....Thanks again. - Donna C, 2010

I was speaking to Kym about a product and she said that she'd drop it off after work to save me on
postage.  I can't tell you enough how appreciative I am of the effort made for me and that you have such
wonderful staff working for you.  I will most certainly deal with your store again.  I will also make sure
everyone I speak to knows about your wonderful staff and store. - Karen M, 2010

Thank you for your speedy service. - Miriam A, 2009

Amanda, Thank you for all of your help, I really do appreciate it you have been wonderful. - Kim S, 2009

Firstly, thanks for a great store which is sooo close to home for me and lovely friendly, helpful ladies. 
I have been to other stores but always find what I need with you. That will teach me!!! - Karen O, 2008

... Great customer service - Beverley F, 2007

Hi Cherie, I have to say I haven't encountered service like yours anywhere in a very long time, so heaps
of praise for your followup - it is much appreciated - and hope is also is by those you work for.  Many
thanks in researching my request, again many thanks.  Jan D R, 2007

Thanks SOOO much for yesterday, we all had a great time and will be sure to come back for more....
we were like kids in a candy store yesterday and everyone was chuffed with their purchases.  I hope
you give yourself a pat-on-the-back every day for the wonderful business you run.  Well done Kiddo.
- Cindy T, 2006

Gemma and Cherie, I would like to say a big thank-you very much for putting the scrapbooking stuff
together, it is great. I love it all. I love the little golf balls and tees.  Anyway it is a quick email to say
thank you very much.  I have lots of goodies now I can get scrapping. - Kelly S, 2006




Firstly, I need to say a special thank you to my wonderful husband, Neville.  For his belief in my dream,
for supporting me financially and for working so hard to build whatever complicated thing I have asked! 
So many hours were spent working on the shop fit-out...both the original one and our current 'home'. 
Thank you for letting me follow that dream and for being there with me.  I love you sweetheart.

Secondly, to my marvellous sister Mollie.  Thank you for the stupid amount of hours that you spent
with me at the start of this madcap adventure! I was sure your eyes would cease open/closed after
the lack of sleep we had and all the staring at the stock entry screen that you did.  Thank you Mollie,
you were instrumental in helping turn an idea into actuality! Shop aside - you are my best buddy,
shopping pal, and creative conspirer.  We are so fortunate to have grown up together!
Thanks Booz, you're the best! x x

All My Love, Cherie (Cat)